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40th Birthdays

Make your 40th birthday unforgettable with VYC!

Being 39 is busy, so our experienced Event Planner is here to guide you through the planning process, taking care of every detail and providing a detailed run sheet for a stress-free celebration.

Every event has 100% exclusivity so you can customise your party in terms of music, food, beverages, and decorations, and our attentive staff will make you feel right at home.

We have a fully integrated sound system for slideshows, DJs and live music. You are welcome to book your own decorations and entertainment, or our Planner is here to help. 

Our minimum food and beverage spend starts at just $47 per guest and with the option of a subsidised or cash bar, you can celebrate in style without worrying about a big bill at the end of the night. We also have a range of $16 mini cocktails so you can offer a lot more than just beer and wine. At 40, you deserved it. 

Make your 40th birthday party truly special with VYC.

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We offer a range of delicious menus to suit any budget or tastes, along with grazing tables and canapes we have all the favourites on the menu: pizza, sushi, fish and chips. 

Start with arrival platters of cheeses, Italian meats, hot smoked salmon, oysters, and fresh sushi. 

Follow with hors d'oeuvres and walk & fork options for cocktail and canapé events. To save time and stress, we also offer pre-selected food packages based on popular choices.

Or simply serve pizza.

If you would prefer a sit down meal, choose from 2 or 3 course lunch or dinner menus, with service styles including buffet, shared plates, or individually plated.

All our menus cater to main dietary requirements—vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free, so let your taste buds decide.


We offer a seasonally changing wine and cocktail menu, complemented by a full bar with a variety of tap beers, wines, shots and cocktails.

We can set up the bar in any way you want, either: 

  • Open 'cash bar' 

  • Arrival drinks only 

  • Subsidised drinks where guests pay half

  • Set drink limits

  • Reduced drink offering with a bar TAB. 

You choose the drinks for the TAB, and we create a custom menu for each event, complete with images, logos, or personalised cocktail names.

Our team is delighted to craft bespoke cocktails tailored to your event or theme. We also offer a $16 mini cocktail list, so you can offer cocktails without the usual price tag.


VYC features elegant decor with simple decorations. 

Our event planner can arrange decorations, DJs, bands or entertainment for you, but you are also welcome to book your own and transform the space to suit your event vision. 

Below is a link to both our decorations and entertainment brochures for booking or just inspiration. 

Decorations & Entertainment


1. What are the parking and transport options?

There is off-street parking and 2 car parks in close proximity.



Click here for Operating Hours and latest parking fees



Click here for Operating Hours and latest parking fees

In the evening there is a Loading Zone immediately in front of the venue, which turns into a taxi stand after 6pm. There are also plenty of Ubers and Scooters in the area.   

2.. Do you have a venue hire fee?

We charge a small booking and set up fee to cover cleaning, incidentals and for dining the hire of large banquet tables. 

Canapés Events $250

Dining Events $500 

Dining Events Black Door $300 

3. Can we BYO Alcohol?

We offer the option for you to bring in your own champagne and wine, and this has a seperate venue hire fee over and above the booking fees outline in Questions 2 above. All spirits, beer and non-alcoholic drinks are provided by our bar service. 

4. Can we use an external catering company? 

We have a staffed and operational kitchen, offering a wide range of canapés and dining options, therefore do not allow external catering. Over the years experience has taught us what works for the events we host and what is the most popular menu items.  

The exception is that we do allow cakes from external suppliers. If you choose not to order a cake from us we charge a $50 cake BYO fee. 

5. Is there a minimum spend? 

We have a minimum food and beverage spend, which starts at $47 per guest. We have set our minimum spend to be achievable and set to different event sizes. 

6. If we have an open cash bar does our guest drinks purchases count towards the minimum spend? 


7. What if we do not meet the minimum spend? 

The balance of the minimum spend is charged as a venue hire fee, however you will agree that it is not hard to spend $47 - $70 per guest on food and drink over a 5.5 hour evening. 

8. How long can we use the venue for? and what time do you close?

Our booking fee (FAQ #2) covers events up to 5.5 hours from Guest arrival. You are able to extend your event duration for $500 per hour to cover extra staff resourcing.

Our liquor licence is from 8am - 4am  

9. Can we have a DJ or band? 

Yes and we encourage it. You are welcome to book your own or our Event Planner can help organise this for you. 

We have a full sound system, that is really awesome. Therefore you do not need to hire extra speakers. 

10. Can we set up our own decorations? 

No problem. Our team are onsite 3 hours before an event for set up. We can arrange other set up and pack out times which we cover off in our planning process nearer your event date. We also have a Decorations brochure and our Event Planner can arrange decorations for you if you are short on time and enthusiasm. If you are looking to organise your own decorations check out the link in our menu to some amazing event suppliers in the city. 

12. Do we need to order food? 

No, you can choose to have the bar menu available where guests can order if they are hungry. 

13. Is security mandatory? 

Security is employed to manage the door and ensure you do not have unwanted guests enter the premises. As we are in the heart of the Viaduct it is mandatory in the evenings to keep our guests safe. Security is available to manage a door invite list or hand out beverage tokens if required. 

Tell us about your event, have a look at our information packs and see how we can help make your event a success

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