Covid 19 Information 

At VYC we take the safety of our customers and staff very seriously and are acting in accordance with advice from the Ministry of Health and other Government agencies to ensure our health and safety practices meet these strict standards.

Important Procedures

  • As we are open for Private Bookings only we can be more relaxed on the 3 S's

    • Seated - as each function is a single event with a guest list, this makes contact tracing easy. Family and friends are able to mingle and dance together

    • Spaced - a single event bubble does not need to be spaced. However we do need to contact trace via a Guest Register

    • We can have a number of servers looking after your 'bubble' as the venue is available for exclusive use only

  • We are allowed no more than 100 people in the venue at any one time. This includes guests and staff

  • A full contact register is collated before the function and guests confirmed on arrival

  • Hand sanitiser is readily available and our staff sanitise their hands regularly

  • Our front door will remain closed to ensure no one outside the bubble enters the venue

  • Contactless payments via online banking or payWave

  • The venue will be thoroughly cleaned between events


Food Preparation

Hospitality businesses are already well versed in food safety practices when preparing food, adhering to all relevant legislation as governed by the Ministry for Primary Industries Food Safety Division. Additionally, businesses are taking extra steps at the moment to sanitise all surfaces, increase cleaning intervals, and wear both gloves and masks in food preparation.


At this time there is no evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted through food or water. While we don’t believe the virus can spread through food, we are aware that other germs can.


The Restaurant Association has advised all businesses at this time to practice the following food safety procedures to reduce risk:


  • Food is only handled by healthy people. People that are exhibiting any symptoms of illness are required to stay at home.

  • Hands are washed thoroughly before and during food preparation

  • Fruit and vegetables are rinsed before cutting. Raw agricultural products, such as lettuces are run under water prior to cutting or serving.

  • Food is thoroughly cooked. Cooking temperatures destroy germs and bacteria, including Coronavirus

  • Clean and sanitise food contact surfaces regularly. Wash, rinse and sanitise cutting boards, tables, utensils and other food contact surfaces often.